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Why people are facing severe middle back pain?


Middle back pain is not a small issue, which has to be taken care of with proper treatment as it occurs in the area of thoracic spine which consists of 12 spinal disks, plenty of vertebrae, and lots of muscles and ligaments. Any structure in the thoracic spine can become irritable or injured which ends up in causing severe middle back pain. There are several common symptoms that indicate the middle back pain are dull or aching pain, burning sensations, muscle tightness or stiffness and sharp or stabbing pain. Whereas severe symptoms include tingling or numbness in the legs, arms, or chest, chest pain, weakness and incontinence. If suffering with middle back pain then it requires prompt medical treatment.

Reasons that cause middle back pain

There are various that causes severe middle back pain as it may occur due to incorrect posture of sitting and standing because slouching increase the pressure on spine to keep the balance. For this muscles and ligaments in the back need to work hard whereas overworking of these leads to causing aches and middle back pain. Being obese can increase the risk of back pain as overweight cause more strain on back muscles, bones and other structures present there. Carrying heavy objects in improper way leads to muscle sprain or strain as it causes muscles and ligaments in the back to stretch or tear. Even aging can be a reason for back pain as the people in the age 30 to 50 were mostly suffers with it. Aging process includes thinning bones, less fluid between spinal joints and reduction in muscle mass which results in back pain. Due to car accident, sports injury or fall vertebrae fractures can occur and this kind of fracture cause severe middle back pain. Likewise the middle back pain can be caused due to different reasons and having severe pain in middle back need to be treated immediately.

Treatment for getting rid of middle back pain

Middle back pain has to be consulted with doctor for getting proper treatment depending on the cause. While the doctors mostly suggest home remedies and recommends surgical interventions when required. To get rid of middle back pain following home remedies can be useful such as contrast therapy which requires alternating hot and cold compresses that helps to relieve from it. To alleviate the back pain need improvements in posture as need to correct it like not slouching, have breaks from sitting and take regular intervals from using computer and standing tall with the shoulders back. Not only these several exercises can help to stretch and strengthen the middle back muscles to treat them and prevents from pain. Activities like yoga, walking and swimming can help to improve the back muscles. If the medication or physical therapy doesn’t reduce the middle back pain then have to undergo surgery in such case. Get appropriate medical treatment in time to relieve from middle back pain and to not suffer with the pain anymore in future.


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