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How to free from mid back pain right side?


If you are experiencing the mid back pain right side, then it need to be treated properly with appropriate medical treatment based on the cause to relieve from it. Middle back pain may occur due to overuse of muscles, ligaments and other structures present on the back. Lifting heavy weights, sitting and lying down for long time, uncomfortable sleeping position, wearing poorly fitting backpack, aging, obesity and other factors which are reason for occurring mid back pain right side. Symptoms like tired, burning or sever pain and tight or stiff muscles indicates middle back pain and serious cases may face weakness, lack of feeling or tingling in your whole body, or belly and loss of bladder control. Suffering with middle back pain more than two days need to consult with doctor as they will suggest the treatment for it after diagnosing it completely.

How middle back pain can be treated?

Mid back pain right side can be cured with home remedies, exercises and medications. People with mild or moderate pain in the middle back can manage it with the help of over-the-counter pain medicines, heat or ice, beneficial exercise, massage, mobilization or spinal manipulation. If pain is getting worse in the middle back and having hard time in doing daily activities can prefer prescription pain medicine and surgery is required in severe cases.

  • Middle back pain can be treated by self, as need to rest when the back hurts and need to get back to the regular activities slowly.
  • To get relief from middle back pain can make use of medicines like acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as they help to reduce the pain and while use the medicines need to follow the instructions as mentioned.
  • You can make use of heating pad as they helps to lessen the pain also heat can decrease stiffness and ice down the swelling.
  • Doing exercises that strengthen and stretch the back muscles helps well to relieve from the middle back pain.

How to prevent the middle back pain?

All the cases of middle back pain are not preventable yet through following certain preventive measures helps to reduce the injury risk. To prevent from the middle back pain it is necessary to maintain the weight as being overweight puts additional stress on the back muscles. Sleeping postures also a reason for back pain as those sleeping on their stomach can face spinal misalignment whereas it is good to sleep on one side or back with placing pillow in-between the knees. Improving the posture help to avert the back pain and while sitting before computer it is good to prefer the seat with armrests and lower back support also take regular breaks from prolonged sitting. When lifting heavy weights it is better to get assistance from others instead of doing self and while carrying the items make sure to keep the back straight and small bend at the knees this prevents from back pain. For further betterment from middle back pain it is best to consult the therapist and get a personalized program for improving the posture, core strength and mobility.


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